Maiden Post From China

I am in Beijing right now and I couldn’t access WordPress, news, google, etc with the free wifi. Anything good was blocked. I got through with subterfuge, now I am indeed Bond, James Bond. Anyways, I’m exhausted with only a little ways to go. I’ll start the blog in earnest when I get my bearings in Wuxi. It’s about AM 9:00 here. Thanks for all the help getting here.

“Vires acquirit eundo.” – Virgil

Here is a picture of the Beijing smog:


I begin posting regularly soon.



5 thoughts on “Maiden Post From China

    1. John Post author

      Wuxi is said to be better. I thought it was fog but no, it’s smog. By the way there was a man in the food court eating shirtless. I was going to take a picture but he looked crazy and security quickly made him disappear.

    1. John Post author

      I’ll try to keep it interesting. The first few days will primarily be the logistics of setting up here but then I’ll try to give you my view of this interesting place.


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