Apartment Hunting

Today was fairly busy. Spent most of the morning searching for an apartment in and around my school. I’ve settled on one only about a block away and the proximity overcomes the fact it is a studio. It is about the size of a standard studio apartment around any college in the states, that is to say it’s not large but big enough for me. There are no 1 bedroom apartments, only studio then 2 bedroom and up. There was one slightly better but I would have had to bike, bus or taxi to and from work daily and it was not something I would do. Proximity was mandatory for me, with the school and luckily a fitness center literally on my block. I have one last place to look at tomorrow in this same vicinity, so come this time tomorrow I’ll be settling in.

On the teaching front we went over the methods used here which seem like simplified versions of what I learned at UT. My particular school is one of the smaller of several, however I don’t mind because I like the teachers and staff that I’ve met there. With a total of 5 instructors, each with a female bilingual Chinese TA, there seems to be a comraderie that may not be present in Shane’s 4 larger schools with 12-15 instructors on average. I observe teachers till next Friday then start my teaching the following Monday. I don’t know yet what age group I’ll have nor do I know if I have a preference.

Last night few of us went to a restaurant that had plate after plate of community dishes that were brought out over about an hour and everything was outstanding with the exception of frog legs boiled in a spicy sauce. I tried them of course, they just weren’t for me and I’ll leave it at that. I’m off to dinner now and I’ll post when I can.

P.S. Sorry no pictures, I simply am not in the habit of doing so but I will be sure to have some next time.


2 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting

  1. Sue Sellers

    9:27 AM, Friday the 23rd.
    You must be exhausted after the long trip. In fact, it took you less time to get situated in Wuxi than it did to get there.
    Just finished AM walk in Whitehall Park with your Mom. It was a nice morning to walk, cloudy and a cool breeze.
    Look forward to your next post.


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