I decided on my apartment. It was right within my price range and it couldn’t be closer to the school, I’ll post some unside pictures once I move in tomorrow morning. I walked the neighborhood and there’s a variety of shops, little restaurants and a sort of walking market in the immediate are. I have time the beginning of next week to take a lot of pictures so as to give you a clearer picture of my neighborhood. Here is the outside of my building, with my school being where the grey car is parked with the man coming out of the front door:

And across the street :

You have to love the Soviet style architecture, with this being a small bank and a few random shops. The side streets are loaded with pure oddities that I’ll start posting as soon as I am sure I know what the etiquette is, but rest assured the will be no shortage of pictures to post.

I’m done for the day and I’ll move my stuff into the school tomorrow morning so the they don’t have to pay for another night at the hotel, then I’ll move into my apartment in the afternoon. My internet should be up im a week at most, so I’ll be using the wifi at the school and places like coffee shops where I can get a connection. A productive day and I’m happy with the results.



3 thoughts on “Apartment

  1. Melanie G

    Looks like a great location. Is that a park in front of your building? (I see benches and plants and trees behind.)

  2. Carole

    Looks like you are moving along quickly to get settled, you will be hanging curtains before we know it! Good Job


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