Lesson Planning

If I don't post too much this weekend it will be because I have my first classes on Sunday. I have a morning class of about 6 kids that consists of some 8-10 year olds, then the same age group at around noon. This age group is pretty easy for me, I've sat in with some classes and participated with the teaching. I found them by and large a joy to be around. They are old enough to know what to do but not old enough to have the kind of attitude that I see in the next class.

This 3rd class I will be providing a test review for some kids around the age of 12-13 because I'm replacing a teacher before the end of the semester, so I'm just doing test prep. Michael, the guy I'm replacing, has been great getting me up to speed and is good at teaching, but his girlfriend is just ready to leave. The class has kids who are reaching that age where they are getting a little attitude and are carving out a pecking order in class. These 6 boys and one girl seem best dealt with by either having them do something embarassing if they act up or using their peers to self police one another during team games. They are at that age where they are getting competitive, and during activities they are pretty good at focusing on the purpose of the lesson. The test review itself will be pretty straight forward, I've looked over the material already, so I'll make sure all the points are covered.

Finally the last class, which will be a little more delicate, being of kindergarten age and totalling six kids. As with all the kids, I've already been around them so they know who I am and that I'll be their next teacher. They are happy yet diffident for the most part, with class primarily consisting of watching sing-along videos and playing with their coloring books. They were great when they weren't my responsibility, we'll see Sunday how they respond to a new teacher. I will have the TA with me, we have one in every class, and between assisting us and telephone turoring, making our schedules and a number of other things I don't now about, they work harder than anyone else in the building.

One picture today, I was mostly in the office preparing, taking a break with lunch and then a late afternoon trip to the gym. I'll be sure to do a nice post on Monday to let everybody know how things went.

Outside my front door. Life without a dryer. Not one-hour, it's all-night drying. Don't worry, I fit right in, it just shows I've gone local.




4 thoughts on “Lesson Planning

  1. Melanie G

    Laundry day! I’m glad you got internet hooked up and really, at least from this end, it looks like you’re getting settled in nicely. Can’t wait to hear how the classes go. I’m sure it will be fine.

  2. Georgina

    The food looks interesting but certainly different. Actually, eggs can stay fresh for several days at room temp. though, of course, we don’t usually leave them that way here. I found that out from my Mother many years ago when I needed to leave some out a few days. Also, with the salmonella danger now, you would want to be sure they were well cooked before eating.–just thought you would like to know.

    Looks like you get getting settled in very well.

    1. John Post author

      I had my eggs in a stir fry and I survived just fine. I guess I was a little thrown by the store presentation, a huge box full of loose eggs. They tasted just fine. Rather small, but fine. Thanks for the information.


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