My First Classes

My thoughts on my first day teaching is that I'm glad it's complete and I think I probably over-prepared for the first couple classes. These students are pretty good, around 10 years old and they can take direction better than I expected. We all introduced ourselves and I went over some review material, then I introduced the new language and they seemed to understand right away. They basically just like it when games are incorporated into the learning, it allows them to get away from the rote learning they receive in the state schools everyday. The key seems to me to be able to have a repertoire of activities that I have them play once I have taught them the target language for the day. They love anything that gets them out of the seats running around.

My third class was a group of about twelve year olds that had a test to take, so I gave a quick review of the material then they all started the test. At this point I went to a side room where I had a ten point dialogue with them and they did pretty well. I could definitely see where some students exuded pressure to do well, however, most were well prepared and made it seem pretty easy and I was impressed overall. After I grade the written portion of the test I'll go over it individually with the parents, not a big deal.

The little ones were last, and this class proved the most difficult. If they get bored for a second they tend to get disengaged and you really have to bring them back, The attention span is not there, however if you throw on the right video or singalong or whatever, they perk right up. They really don't know why they are there, they just want to know if we can play.

All and all I am happy that the first day is complete and I have a better grip on what needs to be improved on and what was unnecessary.

In the last class, the little ones, a few wanted a picture with the new teacher so I snapped one for myself. Every girl was adorable and every boy at this age is a pain.




2 thoughts on “My First Classes

  1. John Post author

    I like most the kids so far. The western teachers and methods are a nice break from the rote memorization and austere environment of the state schools. Between school, after school English, piano, etc, these kids are craving just to have a little fun, so that’s what we try to do while having them learn.


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