I stopped by the coffee-shop downstairs today for the inaugural patronage and tried the coffee. I got an Americano of course and it was absolutely blissful, all the while being joined by new friend who seems to be about an 8 month female, all Golden.

This was as comfortable and relaxed as I’ve felt the whole time, I could have been sitting on my own front porch. The shop has a wifi connection, zero English to be found of course, but everyone is nice and the clientele is definitely upper middle class. I had my drinking companion as well, although I haven’t got the name yet, I thought it would probably be bad form to ask the dog’s name before I knew anybody else’s. My coffee was 30 kwai, or about $5.50, pricy for China but a bargain in that the atmosphere truly does ameliorate the foreigness and gifted me a sense of the familiar. The brew had the crisp taste of clean, fresh coffee and the service and ambiance was nice.

As far as school, earlier today I graded the tests I gave this weekend and only had 2 out of 10 that clearly weren’t giving English their undivided attention.

This afternoon was very pleasant.


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