My Apartment Complex

While I've posted a few pictures of my unremarkable yet perfectly fine apartment, I've yet to post any pictures of the outside. My complex is gated and rather large, with streams and walking paths running through the complex that gives it a nice contrast to the bustle of bikes, buses and buildings that is Wuxi.


This looks like a bit of a stretch.

The water did seem clean and I think I spotted a filtration and aeration system. In the deeper water I noticed those orange and white carp that were familiar fixtures of nice Chinese restaurants I remember going to as a kid.

This is the side of my building facing away from the street and towards the inner buildings of the apartment complex, which is completely gated with multiple guarded entrances and patrolling security.

If you look close up there on the fifth floor you can see my brown towel and a motley of items drying.

Finally, the entrance to my building, with the words this community lives by written in simplified Chinese and misspelled, grammatically incorrect English.



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