A Haircut and a Pig Face

Well, I finally had to get a haircut. The days are getting too hot, I don’t care much about my hair anyways and I wanted shorter hair so I didn’t have to worry about it, and that’s what I got. I picked just one of a number of hair “salons” that line the Main Street and Food Street. There are probably ten or more on the way to Carrefour’s, I don’t know if they are all legitimate hair salons or just a front for some thing more nefarious or erotic. Either way, I picked either Lanny or Flanny Spa, I couldn’t really tell.

I must of been the first customer of the day, the place felt hot and stuffy, no AC, and the staff all looked bored and blasé by my entrance. The two sophisticates who languidly stood behind the counter waited for the strange Laowai to speak; they were both amused and spiritless at once.

Me: 多少钱? “Duōshao qián?” (How much?) Of course this was said in my flawless Mandarin.

Barber: “二十”. “Er shí ­”. (20.) Kwai

Me: OK

That’s about $3.35. Well, I sit down, grab my indefatigable personal assistant, my iPod, and pull up couple pictures that show how I would like my hair, one of them being the Avatar that graces the top of my blog, which is a picture taken while I enjoyed great burgers in Dallas, Texas with my brother, his wife and their son. How I would love one of those tasty burgers along with the conviviality of my brother’s family today. Anyways, he looks at the picture, then with no hesitation or water to moisten my hair, pulls out a pair of scissors from his utility belt that looked something like this, and went to work. Somehow with all the things he had around his waist, the only scissors he had for my hair were the plastic ones that my preschoolers were using to cut out fruits from construction paper for vocabulary practice that morning. In about two minutes he has cut all he feels he needs to, he pulls out his clippers, goes to work, and within a total of three minutes it was all over. It was so fast I couldn’t have stopped it if I wanted, I honestly was not even a participant, only my hair. He gestured for me to head to the back, I assume for a shampoo, but I wasn’t sure because there were now female employees milling around clad in less than professional attire by Western standards, so you never know around here. I politely declined, pay my 20 kuai and I’m out the door, 5 minutes max.

It is the shortest my hair has ever been, but all and all I can’t say I am disappointed, I’m rather pleased. This winter when I have my beard I may just buzz it and move on. Interestingly, somebody named “N. Jolly” has already uploaded and awarded “Fave Photo” to my picture on Flickr. God only knows what that all means, but somebody is using my pic for something. Oh well, I’m here for everyone to enjoy.

I stopped by the grocery to pick up my usual such as chicken, nuts, purple sweet potatoes and yogurt, and I noticed they have rearranged things for a new section. Dried meats and fish. Here’s a little taste:

I think I’ll try some. Caveat emptor.



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