Quiet Times

The summer schedule is in the rearview mirror and I have begun my slower, consistent fall schedule in earnest. It is a welcome relief from the constant teaching and planning of the summer. I suppose it’s a bit of fortune that the busiest schedule is in the summer months because the heat and humidity was unbearable, making any sort of sight seeing or travel out of the question. Fall showers have arrived, with rain occuring daily, leaving me mostly indoors for the past week or so.

China picked up on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and my friend and co-worker Alex from England decided to “give it a go” as he says. He was a good sport and the kids all thought it was funny. If you notice I was self designated camera man number three. Some moments are meant for 20 year olds, and getting a bucket of ice dumped on you at work in front of and by the students may be one of them.

The kids here in China are all registering for school and the organization leaves something to be desired. Hundreds of parents, grandparents, children and the ubiquitous mopeds all vying for prime classes and parking.

This scene was occuring all across China today, some 300,000,000 children were getting ready for the start of a new year.


My shopping center has various events every night, from rollerblading for the kids to climbing walls set up for adults, and this night there was an American idol style contest going on with some pretty good entrants, although the crowd was rather paltry.


Happily there is not much going on at the moment, although I begin teaching once a week at outside locations on Fridays, two 50 minute lessons at government schools. I watched a fellow teacher give a demo lesson this past week and I think I’m going to enjoy it. Most of these kids will be getting their first instruction ever from an actual English speaking Westerner, and if the response is anything close to what I saw, I should enjoy it. The students are just happy to have a respite from the boring and pedantic style of learning in Chinese public schools.

I’m going to try to post at least twice a week now that I have more time and will hopefully have more to talk about than teaching, which isn’t very exciting to write or read about. It’s cooling off with the arrival of Fall and I plan on exploring much more than I have been with the free time I’ll finally have. Friday or so I’ll post again, hopefully with some photos of the glorious Chinese poublic school system.

Chinese Starbucks. It was great.






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