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Walk to store

I figure I should post a few pictures today of my walk to Carrefour, the French Walmart, which is located about a ten minute walk from my apartment along a small street. It gives you a good idea of how my small neighborhood storefronts quickly turn into the construction and high rises prevalent in the New Business District where I live.

Here is just a representative view along the small street that links me to the New Business District, 北京商务中心区. Most shops were closed after their morning business hours and wouldn't open again untill about AM10:30 to get ready for lunchtime.

Here is a private school that is on the way, enlarge the the English words on the side of the building. If it’s blurred it is says “Rule of School: Great Knowledge Absorbed Doing”. Most translations are rather inaccurate.

Here is where the small shops open up into the New Business District, 北京商务中心区, which is filled with banks, high rise apartments and various corporate centers.



This is actually the front of the galleria, the facade is covered with unprotected construction scaffolding that lazily swayed in the light breeze, which seemed to only be noticed by me. Inside is Carrefour and a myriad of shops set up in a four story galleria setting.

Alas, mission accomplished. A wok (镬), food and success. Stir fried pork, cooked till crispy, with a fabulous bread that is lightly sweetened.

I'm actually surprised by how good most of the bread is here, which allows me to avoid rice which I never really cared for. There are also lots of fruit markets and Korean/Chinese markets lining the streets which sell a panoply of meats, fish and other daily staples. The market stand fruit is good, mostly bananas, melons and citrus, while the small food stores have products with in-store labels that worry me for now because most of it was, well, odd looking. Many of the stores have big, like big screen big, cardboard boxes of loose eggs sitting unrefrigerated, and for eggs that seems to be the norm around here. I don't know, for now at least in China, refrigeration and perishable foods are inextricable.

That's all for now. 這是所有現在





This is Rachael. She is my handler and is absolutely indispensable. I wanted to make her famous so here’s a small step. She works here and studies at a university, Chinese Language and Literature.


I got my internet scheduled for setup on Tuesday. We an only hope.


I went to Carrefour last night, it's sort of the French owned version of Walmart. There was a lot of strange looking food in the meat section so I took a few pics. This is a short post because I am sitting outside the school right now before they open so I can use their router. This gives me about a half hour to hop online for my personal stuff before the doors open.

Who knows. None of the cuts were familiar and I'm not sure what animal it came from.

The fish and meat smelled cleaned, but I have no idea what these were. Some sort of fish.

This was short, once I get online at my apt I'll post a bunch.


Waiting for The Internet

Basically I am settled in, I just won't have internet for a few days, so here is a quick rundown of my new apartment.

My bedroom

Now my kitchen with two gas burners and the clothes washer to the right.


And finally my view outside. I skip the bathroom but it's pretty standard.

All said I'm pretty happy. I won't be blogging much or responding to comments until I get my internet in my apt, which will be about Wednesday. Stay patient and I'll have a bunch of pics up if the food markets.



I decided on my apartment. It was right within my price range and it couldn’t be closer to the school, I’ll post some unside pictures once I move in tomorrow morning. I walked the neighborhood and there’s a variety of shops, little restaurants and a sort of walking market in the immediate are. I have time the beginning of next week to take a lot of pictures so as to give you a clearer picture of my neighborhood. Here is the outside of my building, with my school being where the grey car is parked with the man coming out of the front door:

And across the street :

You have to love the Soviet style architecture, with this being a small bank and a few random shops. The side streets are loaded with pure oddities that I’ll start posting as soon as I am sure I know what the etiquette is, but rest assured the will be no shortage of pictures to post.

I’m done for the day and I’ll move my stuff into the school tomorrow morning so the they don’t have to pay for another night at the hotel, then I’ll move into my apartment in the afternoon. My internet should be up im a week at most, so I’ll be using the wifi at the school and places like coffee shops where I can get a connection. A productive day and I’m happy with the results.


Apartment Hunting

Today was fairly busy. Spent most of the morning searching for an apartment in and around my school. I’ve settled on one only about a block away and the proximity overcomes the fact it is a studio. It is about the size of a standard studio apartment around any college in the states, that is to say it’s not large but big enough for me. There are no 1 bedroom apartments, only studio then 2 bedroom and up. There was one slightly better but I would have had to bike, bus or taxi to and from work daily and it was not something I would do. Proximity was mandatory for me, with the school and luckily a fitness center literally on my block. I have one last place to look at tomorrow in this same vicinity, so come this time tomorrow I’ll be settling in.

On the teaching front we went over the methods used here which seem like simplified versions of what I learned at UT. My particular school is one of the smaller of several, however I don’t mind because I like the teachers and staff that I’ve met there. With a total of 5 instructors, each with a female bilingual Chinese TA, there seems to be a comraderie that may not be present in Shane’s 4 larger schools with 12-15 instructors on average. I observe teachers till next Friday then start my teaching the following Monday. I don’t know yet what age group I’ll have nor do I know if I have a preference.

Last night few of us went to a restaurant that had plate after plate of community dishes that were brought out over about an hour and everything was outstanding with the exception of frog legs boiled in a spicy sauce. I tried them of course, they just weren’t for me and I’ll leave it at that. I’m off to dinner now and I’ll post when I can.

P.S. Sorry no pictures, I simply am not in the habit of doing so but I will be sure to have some next time.

Maiden Post From China

I am in Beijing right now and I couldn’t access WordPress, news, google, etc with the free wifi. Anything good was blocked. I got through with subterfuge, now I am indeed Bond, James Bond. Anyways, I’m exhausted with only a little ways to go. I’ll start the blog in earnest when I get my bearings in Wuxi. It’s about AM 9:00 here. Thanks for all the help getting here.

“Vires acquirit eundo.” – Virgil

Here is a picture of the Beijing smog:


I begin posting regularly soon.